End of the road for “left a bit” rally navigator

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Champion rally driver Tim Nicolas has parted company with co-driver Andy O’Brien following a disastrous performance in the FIA World Rallycross Championships at Lyddon Hill.

“As a navigator, his directions were hopeless,” an exasperated Nicolas explained. “We started off pretty well but almost immediately he came out with ‘look out for that big puddle’ and I lost concentration after that.”

As the race progressed, things didn’t improve. “Saying ‘go sort of left up here’ and ‘bear right by the big tree’ really didn’t help. With a good navigator, a driver should get enough information about the circuit to be able to drive it blindfold, but Andy was saying things like ‘at the next turning you kind of go back on yourself’ and ‘there’s a hilly bit coming up’. I’d have been better off with a Garmin.”

One wrong turning found the team leaving the circuit entirely and joining holiday traffic on the A260 to Folkestone. “That was just embarrassing,” said Tim. “We were being overtaken by caravans, while Andy O’Bollockhead just pointed at the upside-down map saying that he thought we were somewhere in the fold.”

The pair had to spend a night in a Travelodge before finding their way back to a now-deserted rally circuit. Furious ex-champion Nicolas fired O’Brien on the spot. “I told him to fuck off home but as far as I know he’s still in the car park.”

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