‘Stop abusing politicians online’ pleads MP shitface

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An MP whose parliamentary track record has led to poverty, death and homelessness has joined a campaign asking the electorate to stop abusing MP’s online. The snot gobbling donkey fart told reporters that ‘MPs have feelings too’ and that calling them ‘mouth breathing shitburgers who deserve eternal damnation in hell’ achieves nothing, despite many MPs trading their political influence for personal gain in the private sector, fiddling their expenses, buggering, bullying and browbeating junior colleagues and starting wars that nobody wanted but killed loads of people anyway.

One snail-wit MP, who screwed up a whole election by shilly-shallying about whether what voters did with their genitals might offend baby Jesus, said: ‘attacking MPs on a personal level is anti-democratic’. Meanwhile a sub human masturbation-mad MP and member of a housing subcommittee who more or less set fire to hundreds of members of the public and continues to endanger thousands of others with death by burning said ‘the public have no idea of the hurt some of their posts can cause.’

A risible toff MP known to everyone as a wheedling soft turd, who gets £5000 a pop for having the piss ripped out of him on Friday night BBC 1 and begs producers to let him have another go, joined the debate yesterday. He said that he had been ‘wounded’ by criticisms of his choice of the name ‘sixpence-ha’penny’ for his ninth child, denying that the name was a publicity stunt. But sources close to the odious braying Hooray Henry say he has been trying to ‘out-Boris Boris’ for being the ‘twatiest twat of the year’ as voted for by the Eton Old Boy’s Club.

Prime Minister Theresa May was asked to comment on allegations of online bullying of MP’s but remained silent on the matter, choosing to pretend to weep in a corner of the Cabinet Room, while genuinely shitting herself and rocking back and forth saying ‘What are we going to do?’ again and again in a whiny voice.

Former MP Tony Blair said given the chance ‘he would do it all again and do it all over the electorate.’ Which is weird because nobody asked his opinion, the swivel-eyed slime bag.


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