German war vets complain they’re sidelined in film ‘Dunkirk’

The Evacuation of Dunkirk as painted by Charles Cundall, Dunkirk, France, June 1, 1940. The British evacuated over 350,000 British, Belgian, French, and Polish troops from the path of the overwhelming numbers of the German Army. (Photo by Charles Cundall/Underwood Archives/Getty Images)

A German War Veterans group today issued a statement complaining about Christopher Nolan’s recent film ‘Dunkirk’, saying it neglects and underplays their part in the historic events depicted.  ‘It’s so typical of the British to make this all about themselves, and not recognise the contributions of other nations,’ said spokesman Hans Muller. ‘But who do you think was dive-bombing the British troops as they stood waiting on the beaches? Who was torpedoing the boats that rescued them?’

‘Sure, we see some German planes in the distance, but who is flying them? Who is operating the bomb release doors as they pass over the flotilla of small pleasure boats that have come to rescue the stranded soldiers? The film never shows us.’

However, controversial historian David Irving has cast doubt on the idea that there was any German involvement in the events of Dunkirk, or even the invasion of France as a whole, insisting that any injuries sustained by British troops or French civilians were merely the result of carelessness on their own part.  ‘I have in my possession documents that show beyond any doubt that the German people were at that moment sitting down and tuning their wireless sets to Heinrich’s Half Hour, a popular comedy programme of the time, and therefore could not have been involved in these regrettable events. I’d show them to you, but the ink isn’t quite dry yet.’



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