Hopes fade for Marty Mcfly return after future petrol ban


Friends and family of Marty Mcfly and Doctor ‘Doc’ Brown, who were last seen travelling into the future in a 1980’s time-car, have accepted the likelyhood of their return has diminished due to the switch from fossil fuels to electric motoring by 2040.

The duo are thought to have travelled from 1985 to 2045 in a car specially adapted by the eccentric inventor; however, Brown had earlier chosen to convert the DeLorian DMC-12 to diesel rather than electric, as it was commonly thought at the time to be the ‘fuel of the future’, and because it was slightly cheaper. However, the petrol ban is now expected to further hinder their chances of returning home due to the difficulties involved in refuelling the car in a post fossil fuel world.

While the push toward environmentally sustainable motoring has been hailed by environmentalists, critics have called for exemptions for cars, bikes and other vehicles used for temporal experimentation. One driver told us, ‘This is typical of the lack of forward-thinking on behalf of environmentalists. It’s all very well saving the planet, but no one’s thinking about McFly and the Doc. Making the jump to 2045 will almost certainly have drained the tank of their 1983 car, leaving it all but useless. Sure, the Doc can likely convert the DeLorian to electric, but the demands on them are already high enough ensuring the timeline remains unpolluted and having hoverboard chases without also having to muck about with the car.’

Motoring organisations largely discourage the use of time vehicles, pointing out that with current green technologies a typical trip to 2045 in an electric car would require recharging mid-journey in 2031.

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