Man tricked again into thinking 114.9 pence per litre for petrol is 114 pence


A Colchester driver has had the wool pulled over his eyes again by ingenious global petroleum companies, through their clever use of fractions of pence in their pricing, it has been revealed. Steve Vickers subconsciously made the assessment that 114.9 pence per litre was ‘significantly less’ than 115 pence per litre and therefore excellent value for money as he filled up his Ford Focus at his local Esso station.

‘Petrol is still pretty reasonable, isn’t it’, remarked Vickers to his wife Samantha. ‘At 115 a litre, Big Oil would really be taking the piss out of your average driver, through their cartel-like pricing and consistently high profit levels. But it’s good to see them trying to look after their customers – they’ve got my loyalty with that gesture alone’.

Vickers expressed surprise however, that he was unable to dispense exactly 4 litres and pay £4.596 pence for his fuel. ‘I guess they round the total bill down – that would be consistent with their strategy of looking after Joe Public’ he noted’.  Some might argue that using 0.9 rather than a full penny is no longer an effective way of getting consumers in, when petrol costs over a pound a litre, or roughly a penny per tablespoon’, noted Vickers. ‘But, as they say, every tenth of a penny counts’.

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