Painting bought for £1.50 at car boot sale turns out to be ‘worthless’


Bargain hunter Eric Standing got less than he bargained for when he bought a painting ‘on a whim’ at his local car boot sale.

The painting caught his eye as he rummaged through a pile of loathsome knick-knacks, ugly trinkets and and useless rusting gewgaws at the depressing car boot sale held on a patch of waste mud in Stockport. “The painting was a seascape with a bold, dramatic style reminiscent of JMW Turner,” said Eric, 58, “but with a naivety suggesting it might have been one of his earlier works. It seemed an absolute bargain at £1.50 and I snapped it up before the seller had the chance to change his mind.”

However, his hopes of stumbling upon an undiscovered masterpiece by the world-renowned artist were dashed when a Manchester expert told Eric that his painting was ‘utterly worthless’.

“It was like a bolt from the blue. I thought the painting would be from the SCHOOL of Turner, at least. But it turns out the naive style was due to the painter being somewhere in the region of two years old. The dramatic wash of colour that to me resembled an angry, boiling sea was the result of a paint pot being overturned and the fading, watery light of a late-Autumn sun was the dried remnants of a spilled Cow & Gate dessert.”

Eric intends to sell the bit of paper ruined by crude daubings at the next car boot sale. “Some idiots will buy anything,” he said.

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