Panini stickers looking to strike UK trading deal


With less than a year before the FIFA World Cup kicks off in Russia, Panini is in the process of striking a deal with the UK allowing the trading of UK teams ahead of the final Brexit negotiations.

10-year-old collector Tommy was reported to be delighted with the news. “This is fantastic. We all know Deli Ali will flop at the world cup, but if he continues his world class form with Spurs, pre-tournament he could be worth a straight swap with Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.”

Others collectors were less enthusiastic. Johnny, from Liverpool, said, “I couldn’t care less about trading my English players. During the last world cup I was left with 7 Gary Cahills, 5 Phil Jagielkas and 3 Chris Smallings, I couldn’t even give them away.”

A Panini spokesman said, “At first we were a little disappointed that only England had bothered to turn up for negotiations, but seeing as none of the other Home Nations have bothered turning up for a world cup in years, we decided that realistically striking a deal with Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland would more than likely end up being pointless anyway.”

While it could take some time before a deal is struck reports have confirmed that the obligatory playground scramble would not be effected either way by the outcome



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