Emotions run high as duct tape repair enters seventh year


Albert Robbins has made the Guinness Book of Records today as his temporary repair to the salad shelf in his Indesit fridge, carried out in 2010, passed the seven years point. It supersedes a repair to the toilet handle in a Canterbury B & B held together with sticky tape and a lollipop stick that failed dramatically after six years and three hundred and fifty-two days in 1979. Although re-repaired using the same techniques several times since, the clock restarted each time and the repairs never lasted as long.

‘I never thought that the repair would last seven years,’ said Albert today, ‘let along make the record books.’ He also noted that Mrs Robbins never expected the fridge to last seven years, let alone the repair, and cited this in their divorce hearing last year. ‘I’ve lost my wife, my home and pretty much every reason to live,’ noted Albert today, ‘ but at least I have my name in the record books and my fridge,’ he said, admitting he didn’t ‘actually like salad, which is why the repair lasted so long.’

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