Man vaguely remembers bloke called Dave who used to run the country

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The internet was set alight last night, as a clip of an old man recalling events from an earlier era on YouTube went viral and received over a million hits. During the ten minutes clip the man recounted events from a simpler period, when the country was run by the aristocracy for their own ends and people knew their place.

‘There was a man, David was his name I believe, and he told everyone what to do because he was rich,’ said the unidentified elderly gentleman in the video. But it was his chum George who made all the real decisions and all the across the country he was hated and everyone called him “George the Shit” and booed him at public events. And there was a thing called the Labour Party that people thought really might take over, only it didn’t because it was a bit rubbish and George managed to blame it for everything that he did. But that was before the dark times. The Day of the Nigel changed all that,’ he said with a shudder.

Some of the reaction on social media was nostalgic, such as this from Syd2345, who said ‘Yes, I remember those days just about. You could go on holiday back then and your money was still worth something, believe it or not. But that was a long time ago. There’s no point raking over that now.’

However, the chief reaction was incredulity that such a period had ever existed. ‘Who is this ‘Dave’ figure of whom he speaks?’ said RabbitsFootHO! on Reddit. ‘If I think back through political history, we’ve been leaving the EU for so long that surely nothing else could happened in our lifetimes. And Jeremy Corbyn has been leader of the Labour Party for at least thirty years, so I can’t possibly believe anyone ever thought they could win. That’s the giveaway; the man’s a fake. Let’s lynch the bastard!’

Reaction from the PM has been vague and non-committal. A spokesman for Downing Street said that ‘such politicians may or may not have been in residence here at some point in recent years. But what is certain is that they’re gone now, and the people can come out from under the stairs, wash off the blood and try to pick up the pieces of their lives.’


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