Trump’s comb-over quits

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Donald Trump’s campaign to become President of the United States took another knock this week after his haircut controversially quit the team with just ten weeks to go till election day.  The comb-over said that it could no longer work in such proximity to Donald’s mouth, and was leaving the presidential candidate to find another hairstyle for the remainder of the campaign.

Donald and his hair were thought to have been inseparable since he first became a public figure in American life. Indeed the ludicrous hairstyle may have set the tone for Trump’s presidential bid, with many saying that no one would take him seriously ‘with that massive hearth rug on his head’.  But it seems that once the mouth saw what the hair was getting away with, there was no stopping either of them.  One year on, the huge bouffant comb-over became the least ludicrous thing about the Republican nominee.

‘I think the hair is just jealous.’ said one Washington observer.  ‘First there was the mouth, then Trump’s hand on his daughter’s ass – the hair wasn’t used to sharing the negative attention. What with him putting his foot in it on a daily basis, people eventually considered the haircut to be the most sensible thing about him.’

In a final blow to the Republicans, the hair has offered its services to Hillary Clinton.  ‘Hillary welcomes the defection of Donald’s quiff!’ said one Democratic spokesman. However it is believed Hillary may not want to give the hair such a prominent position, perhaps employing Donald’s controversial locks as armpit hair or in ‘another as yet unspecified position’.



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