Still no condemnation of mouse killing by Cat Owning Community


No killer has been found for the unidentified mouse whose corpse was discovered in Local Park on Sunday.  Experts say there is no evidence yet to suggest it had been hunted down and killed for fun, by a creature that is skilled in this sort of operation.  However, the silence from the Cat Owning Community has been deafening.

Writing in The Guardian, Owen Jones said:  ‘IPSEM LORUM…. the Alt-Right…. Tory millionaires….. can you get a SUB-EDITOR to fill in the usual tag lines, I’ve got to run off for a spot on Newsnight’.

Meanwhile, Katy Hopkins in the Mail Online said the opposite is true.  ‘LOREM IPSUM!” she said, ‘political correctness gone mad … photo opportunity socialism….moral grandstanding,’ she countered, before adding, ‘You stole my job on LBC you jumped up superannuated Tweeney’.

Last night, the two outrage buses looked to be set for a head on collision

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