Scottish ‘baby in a box’ scheme to be served with ‘chippie sauce’


Scotland is set to serve ‘baby in a basket’ across a range of establishments, complete with a bed of chips, coleslaw and a touch of 70’s nostalgia. Baby boxes with be delivered to new mothers for the first time, containing essential Scottish items, such as – a pewter quaich, kilt belt buckles and a distrust of the English.

Health Officials confirmed that the paperboard tray will be disposable, once the deep-fried infant is consumed.  Also, the box will include a squared tissue to absorb any fat dripping and to remind you of the traditional tablecloth worn by Scottish nationals.

Parents may chose to cover their child with love and affection, while others will opt for ‘salt’n’soss’.  Likewise, the Scottish Government has said the boxes will meet the highest UK safety standards and KFC’s own taste test.  It is hoped the boxes will help ensure every baby is given the best possible start in life or at least to become the best possible starter.

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