Amnesty International demand immediate release of Theresa May


A leading human rights organisation has condemned the Tory party for the on-going ‘torture’ of the Prime-Minister and insisted that she be released without charge as a matter of absolute urgency.

May, who is now in her sixties and suffers from diabetes, has not been seen in public for a number of weeks and monitors at Amnesty are concerned for her safety and well-being.  They are particularly concerned that May is being held against her wishes by her political rivals for the purposes of their own long-term ambitions.  Officials at Amnesty say that the story of May being on a ‘walking holiday’ is a euphemistic one that is well-used by the Tory Party to cover-up their desire to ‘disappear’ a leader who is not performing to their expectations.  Similar phrases like ‘going to the cricket for the day’ or ‘body-surfing in Cornwall’ are now known to have been code for the violation of John Major with a bat and the water-boarding of David Cameron.

Jeremy Corbyn has backed Amnesty’s call and said that he absolutely condemned such behaviour and he himself was aware of similar tactics within the Labour party when previous leaders were said to have either ‘taken time out in Cliff Richard’s villa’ or ‘rented a cottage in Southwold’.  Corbyn said that he had seen pictures of what had been done to both Blair and Brown in captivity and was adamant that such behaviour had no place in the British political system.  When asked by reporters if ‘doing a fortnight in Venezuela’ was code for having electrodes attached to your genitals, Corbyn refused to comment.

Milo Shame

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