Woman rescued from Waitrose after surviving a month eating ‘berries and quinoa’


A Northamptonshire woman is recovering in hospital after getting lost in her local Waitrose and surviving on ‘filtered spring water and a daily free cup of coffee’, supplemented by berries from the breakfast aisle.  ‘I became lost and disorientated somewhere around the sale items,’ she said today, noting that ‘even on sale the stuff was still twice the price of Aldi produce.’

Waitrose staff say they are relieved that she has emerged safe after her ordeal.  Assistant manager Rosemary Allardyce said today that ‘we were on the brink of setting up a search party.  The whistles and quinoa rescue parcels were being prepared, and staff were familiarising themselves with aisles they don’t normally patrol.  Fortunately the missing woman was spotted attempting to use her Waitrose card to obtain a second free cup of coffee and a member of staff recognised her.’

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