Post-Brexit arrangements to be like the fancy dress shop from ‘Mr Benn’


U.K. negotiators were accused of underestimating the complexities of post- Brexit controls outside a customs union today, after publishing its long awaited proposals for border arrangements.  While David Davis has already declared that he plans to leave by a magical back door, without any hint of responsibility or grip on reality.

The UKs’ preferred proposal would see traders make their way to a small fancy dress shop just off Festive Road, managed by a quietly spoken man with a Fez Hat. ‘It’s a nonsense to suggest these proposals are fanciful’, said Davis defensively.  Importers and exporters, would visit the shop in 15 minute slots, wearing bowler hats, with their legs wheeling round unrealistically fast’, confirmed Davis. ‘After filling out the necessary forms, they would emerge as a spaceman, wizard, or just occasionally, a cook’.

‘The system has the advantage of administrative efficiency, as well as providing the border crosser with a little moral story and a souvenir of their visit.’

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