Cromer police label WW2 ‘low-level disorder’

Cromer police today had a look back at World War Two and declared it nothing to be concerned about really, and stated that it definitely didn’t have anything to do with any Nazis who were actually jolly fine fellows.

‘We’ve had a good look at the Second World War, following a complaint, but found it pretty low-level stuff really,’ said Cromer Chief Constable Steve Magoo. ‘I think there were claims of an atomic bomb or two at the end of it but we didn’t see anything, so I wouldn’t be too worried.’

‘The people of Cromer can rest-assured,’ he continued, ‘that if there was another WW2, the Cromer police force would take a take a very, very stern watching brief and do nothing, as is our tried and tested modus operandi. We’ve noticed over the years that if we do nothing, everything eventually just goes away. It’s what I like to call pro-inactive policing.’

Critics of say it was quite hard to miss WW2 as it lasted 6 years, killed over 60 million people, and as the name suggests, was a world war. However the Chief Constable brushed them off saying ‘bollocks, I never saw nothing.’ He then closed his eyes and put his fingers in his ears and started chanting ‘lalalalalalalala…..’


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