Man gains massive competitive advantage from business manual bought in airport

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Derek Parker was a mid-level manager for a company selling toner. However, despite the apparent glamour of his fast-paced life, he had a nagging sensation that he had somehow lost his edge, and was no longer the hungry young gunslinger who had graduated from De Montfort University’s business school ten years before.

This was all to change one day at London Luton Airport when, while waiting for his Easyjet flight to Alicante to start boarding, Derek found himself browsing the business section of the airport bookshop.

‘My eyes fell on the title ‘The Ten Secret Habits of Highly Effective Motivational Communication Management Executives’. I picked it up, and I just couldn’t stop reading. It was incredible. I suddenly saw what had been holding me back all these years.’

He immediately told his boss at the toner company to get stuffed, and now makes a living writing business manuals full of empty platitudes and meaningless waffle to be sold at airports.

His most recent book, ’19 Ways To Make Sure You Never Miss Grabbing That Unmissable Opportunity With Both Hands At The Same Time’, begins with the explanation that he is writing it on a yacht in Cannes, and if you follow the advice in his book, you could be too.

‘Well, strictly speaking it’s a deckchair in Morecambe. And if you want one, make sure you have the right money for the deposit, they don’t give change.’


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