Pinewood rent debacle to become a major film


Following on from the revelation that Pinewood Studios failed to pay any rent on the £5 million set provided by the Welsh Assembly for at least two years, it has been announced that a major feature film is to be made about the story, pending funding from the Welsh Assembly Arts Foundation.

The director said that he hopes to cast Daniel Craig and Benedict Cumberbach as leading Welsh Assembly members, Harrison Ford as the BBC investigator who blows the story wide open and Jacob Rees Mogg in a cameo, ‘not sure why, but it sounded good in the pub.’ Tom Jones is singing the theme song and Dame Shirley Bassey is wearing a frock.

A pre-pre-pre-trailer is being shown in cinemas across the country to prime potential viewers. ‘A rent oversight the size of Wales is blown apart by an intrepid journalist…’, says the voice over.

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