World to be saved by repainting all cars green


Environmental campaigners are supporting a new initiative to have all new cars painted green after the year 2020 and to provide grants for all existing cars which are not coloured green to be re-sprayed by 2025.

‘We have researched this very carefully,’ Greenpeace stated. ‘We can prove that green cars are responsible for only 2.47% of all the pollution and only 2.47% of the greenhouse gases emitted by British cars, as distinct from the 97.53% in each case emitted by cars of all other colours put together. This is highly significant and the 2.47% of drivers with green-coloured cars should be commended for the lead they have shown in this regard.’

‘Of course, some people who will claim that this will not change anything, but we need to face down climate change deniers and think of the children.’


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