Noch Verschraubt, Pet

auf wiedersen pet

TV executives today gave the green light to a new series following the exploits of a number of Geordie builders.  Set in 2019, the series sees them adapting to the fact that free movement of people across the EU has come to an end, and they must try and find work at home in Newcastle.

Returning from Germany after 30 years, they have no problem at all readjusting to the culture of their home country, since like all Brits abroad they hung out only with other Brits, speaking English (more or less) and eating and drinking in English-style pubs.

However, they find that there isn’t any work, and even the one who was killed off in the first series is pronounced “fit for work” and therefore ineligible for benefits.

They all descend into hopeless alcoholism and petty theft, except one who says he’s going to Oxford to become a police sergeant, while another tries vainly to get a hopeless singing career off the ground.


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