Man at crowded bar waving £20 note ‘really helpful’ confirm staff


The man waving his £20 note arrogantly in an attempt to get served before you is providing an invaluable service to overstretched staff in crowded bar situations, it was confirmed today.
‘Without guys like that, I’d have no idea who was next to be served’, confirmed Jenny, working on a zero hours contract at a local Wetherspoons. ‘His maintainance of eye contact with me from the point he reaches the rammed bar and his rather obvious attempts to strike up a dialogue as I’m pulling the pint for the person at least 2 in front of him in the queue give me further helpful clues that it must actually be his turn next’.

‘The same people also help us to keep active in a long shift’, noted Pete, one of Jenny’s colleagues. ‘Letting us get the first drink in their order from the fridge, before asking for a Coke from the dispenser at the other end of the bar, then asking for 2 spirit based drinks one by one. Helps get my steps up. And then having the foresight to ask right at the end for a pint of Guinness to give us a natural rest break…’

‘It’s even more remarkable that these guys are invariably able to tell me who I should serve next as I’m giving them their change’, continued Jenny. ‘It should be me telling them to keep the 10p change as they walk off, rather than the other way round.’

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