Criminal Justice System ‘biased against criminals’


A recent survey has shown that people who have committed crimes are much more likely to be arrested, prosecuted, convicted and punished than those who have not. ‘This shows a consistent, systemic bias’ say the authors of this report. ‘Criminals are ordinary citizens who are entitled to the same rights and privileges as anyone else. It is quite unfair that they should suffer discrimination, often in the form of imprisonment or other penalty, just because they have committed a crime’.

‘In fact, the real situation is even worse than that. There are strong indications that there are inequalities and inconsistencies in the sentencing received, with those who have committed more serious crimes or a greater number of crimes, or even just been repeatedly convicted previously, receiving more severe penalties. This is glaring discrimination at its most blatant’.

‘This appalling situation is likely to continue unless and until we ensure, in the interests of equality, fairness and democracy, that we appoint a far greater number of judges and magistrates who are as lazy, stupid, uneducated, confused, incompetent, irrational, anti-social, deranged and psychotic as those who they judge’.


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