Croydon home for old dinosaurs re-opens

crystal palace

Crystal Palace has reverted to its former existence as a home for old dinosaurs after a very brief attempt to bring it up to the standards associated with modern life.

Announcing a brand new era just a couple of months ago, the owners introduced a young, dynamic, forward-thinking manager to transform the establishment which was so resolutely stuck in the past. It was clearly a long-term project as the young manager was given a three year contract to implement far-reaching improvements to the infrastructure of the organisation.

However, the owners have now changed their minds completely about modernising, probably recognising the monolithic magnitude of the task and the fact that the local residents are equally mired in the swampy squalor that they inhabit. The owners are therefore returning to the basic, crude, prehistoric world they know and love so much.

An old fossil has been put in charge of reversing any last lingering thoughts about updating the outlook, and it is considered that he may retain some of the old dinosaurs installed by the previous old relic. In the meantime, striker Christian Benteke is already said to be practising taking corners.

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