Parents withdraw son from school because some children have a different name


Parents of a child who is a school with other children who are clearly not called Callum have withdrawn their child from education. Speaking to the press this morning, Mr and Mrs Price of Hampshire say Callum came home asking why other children had a names other than Callum.

Mr Price said:  “When I couldn’t answer that question I realised my chances of explaining verbs and nouns or helping with science homework were zero, so we’ve called it a day with education. We will keep him at him at home with some Lego and alphabet spaghetti that spells out his name”.

Mr and Mrs Price belong to a religion that only recognises the name Callum and have both changed their names to Callum by deed poll. They feel their religious freedom is being infringed by people not all doing exactly as they want and changing their names to Callum. The vicar at their church Reverend Callum French says this sort of discrimination is becoming more widespread.

“People seem to think that their modern ideas of different names for different people are somehow progressive and that it helps people express their true selves more easily, but if everyone isn’t called Callum, how confusing is that to a child? No one seems to be thinking about the children called Callum here do they?”

The Church of Callum is now helping the Price family to take the local education authority to court, however so far they have been unsuccessful in finding a solicitor named Callum.



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