High winds wreak havoc with Home Counties Bridge party


Winds strong enough to blow an umbrella inside-out have been battering the Home Counties overnight. Reports have been coming in of amazing acts of bravery and endurance from residents across the region as they battle to survive the elements.

Emergency services remain on red alert to help residents in what threatens to be yet another long day and night of abject misery for rescue crews.

A couple in Hazlemere were forced to cancel a bridge party with the people across the road, while a man in Arundel decided against walking the dog after his hat nearly blew off. A family from Guildford had to cancel their usual Tuesday night trip to McDonalds and were forced to send out for pizza instead.

A pane of glass from a greenhouse in Ruislip is said to have ‘smashed into a thousand pieces’ while owners looked on, helpless against the sheer force of Mother Nature. Residents in Sittingbourne have criticised the government for not doing enough to protect their property, claiming high winds could affect their house prices.

A lady in Godalming phoned police to say a crisp packet had blown into her garden and wanted to know when a squad car would be sent round to deal with it.
Unconfirmed reports say an aeriel on one bungalow was said to be visibly shaking in the wind, while one family further down the road were forced to pick up their recycling bin after a strong gust knocked it over. ‘Luckily, collection day was yesterday’, the bin-owner revealed. ‘There but for the grace of God go…’

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