San Andreas cleared of any wrong doing


A court in San Francisco has cleared San Andreas of any wrong doing saying the town should not be held responsible for the tectonic boundary that divides the Pacific and North American plates. For over 100 years geologists and seismologists have highlighted San Andreas as the epicentre of volatile rock formations that run from the Santa Cruz Mountains in the north, down to Monterey County in the south.

However, the court decided that it was wrong to blame San Andreas for geological defects in the area saying that any continental transform condition was a result of right-lateral strike-slip and should not be attributed to the town or its people.
In his summing up, the judge pointed out that any earthquake activity caused by slippage in the tectonic plates would affect San Andreas just as much as any other town in the region. ‘It’s time to stop blaming San Andreas for things that are quite clearly beyond their control’ said the judge. ‘The rock formations are a geological freak of nature, created millions of years ago, long before San Andreas was even there. Surely it’s time to end this blame game’.
San Andreas welcomed the findings saying the decision would bring some closure for the town.  Representatives of the Pacific and North American plates have released a joint statement saying they were ‘now looking forward to moving on, at a rate of 37 millimetres per year’.

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