British manager given award for ‘original thought’


A Telford office manager has been awarded a prestigious award from the Institute of Managers for ‘showing initiative and original thinking without slavishly copying a senior manager or following a how-to-manage textbook.’

Brian Little, who manages a small team of ten call agents, said he was ‘proud and humbled’ by the award, adding, ‘all I suggested was that the last member of staff leaving puts the bins out before locking up’, a suggestion that has improved security and hygiene in the call centre hub, noted the IoM. Brian is keen to downplay the initiative, which his boss thought ‘fantastic’ and to his certain knowledge has never appeared in any of De Bono’s textbooks or songs. ‘It’s really not a big deal’, said Brian, ‘especially as I’m usually the last one out anyway.’ .

Empowered by his award, which highlights the force of original thought and the avoidance of following the lead of others, he is writing his own book on the subject. ‘I’ve got loads of ideas, just follow my advice and you’ll be just as original as I am in no time,’ he said today.

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