Hawking: Creation of daytime TV ‘had nothing to do with Lorraine Kelly’

Yakking on about makeovers since the dawn of time

Professor Stephen Hawking has sparked controversy by declaring that he no longer believes that Lorraine Kelly had anything to do with the creation of daytime TV.

Professor Hawking, has set out his theory that daytime television ‘will go on expanding forever’ and was created far earlier than 1993 as originally thought, and that its inception was ‘a completely random event’ and ‘had nothing to do with the existence of Lorraine Kelly’.

‘Spontaneous drivel is the reason there is something, rather than nothing, on television every day before Countdown,’ Hawking says in his latest book, Why Grand Designs?. ‘It is not necessary to invoke Lorraine Kelly to explain why this is. If you want evidence that daytime television is random and meaningless, just look at Jeremy Kyle or that godawful show with the antiques in people’s lofts.’

Hawking’s view has angered religious leaders and television viewers. ‘If you don’t believe in Lorraine Kelly, how do you explain Christine Bleakley?’ said the Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks. ‘There must be some moderately intelligent design behind all this. It can’t be coincidence, it just can’t.’

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