Homeopathic medicines ‘proved to work’, if repeatedly diluted in codeine

all down to homeopathy, said patients who survived

A new study from The University of Penge has shown that over-the-counter homeopathic medicines are proving surprisingly effective at treating pain relief when diluted to homeopathic levels using mainstream medicine.

A homeopathic pain relief medicine was used for the study. A single drop of this mixture was added to a 1 litre solution of a codeine pain reliever dissolved in water. A single drop of this was added to another 1L solution of codeine, shaken and the procedure repeated 14 times until only the memory of the homeopathic medicine remained within the codeine solution.

In double-blind studies, 300 students were hit with a rubber mallet and then given either a control sample of the pure homeopathic pain reliever or the solution that had been homeopathically enhanced with codeine solution.

78% of those who took the enhanced solution claimed to perceive an improvement in their pain within 20 minutes of taking the solution compared to only 45% of the control group. However it must be noted that 83% of the total group expressed feelings of anger and rage after being struck with the mallet and needed additional strikes to subdue. Four participants, all of whom took the control solution, were repeatedly struck again after 40-45 minutes when they became verbally abusive.

The conclusions are clear – Homeopathic medicines are far more effective at pain control when diluted, to homeopathic levels, with a solution of codeine and, in addition, future trials should use a larger mallet.

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