Ryanair Offers Discount for Passengers Who Can Fly Planes



Holiday-makers who know how to fly Boeing 737-800s could be in for a windfall as Ryanair is prepared to offer up to 50% off if they fly the plane to their destination as well. With most of its pilots on holiday themselves Ryanair need passengers to step up to the plate, and it’s hoped that on most flights there will be someone prepared to give it a go.

Although the holidaying pilots have been forced to at least fly themselves to their holidays, most pilots are taking more than a half hour vacation, so Ryanair desperately someone to bring their planes back home. Passengers prepared to fly the planes will enjoy half-price fares, free drinks, 5 scratch-cards and will also get the thrill of sounding the ‘on-time arrival’ recording when they land.

It is thought most of the new have-a-go pilots will come from the ranks of stag and hen dos as the levels of intoxication should easily give some the levels of confidence needed to pilot a passenger jet through crowded European airspace.

One man who has already volunteered for the new scheme is Pete Carlyle from Liverpool. ‘It’s a great offer,’ said Pete. ‘With the discount my airfare is down to £7.99 and all my mates think I’m the man. And I’ll be well sauced, so just like me pool game, talking to women, and driving me car I’ll probably be way better at flying a plane than usual.’


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