Brexit Battle Bus loses its licence to operate


Transport for London (TfL) have taken the surprising measure to ban the Vote Leave Bus from picking up drunk and confused voters on the streets of the capital. Alongside Uber, the battle bus has been accused of ‘taking people for a ride’, while being driven by crooks.

Ironically an online petition suggests that the public are not upset about unmarked taxi cabs, but they are aggrieved about a bus with £350m lie plastered on it. Likewise there may be 40,000 drivers using the Uber app, but there are at least four Cabinet ministers all trying to drive the same bus – and all from the back seat.

Theresa May tried to reassure TfL that she would be taking charge of the vehicle – just as soon as she could put it in reverse. While Jacob Rees Mogg insisted that the UK should never have abandoned the scythed chariot. However, this does still leave Londoners with one alternative mode of transport, the ‘Boris Brexit Bike’ – a 19th century idea, that still provides a consistent pain in the rump.

Without the bus, some will be deprived of a convenient, affordable and delusional form of Brexit; but others would prefer to avoid the inevitable car crash. Uber admitted that like the Bus they had misleadingly offered a risk free journey at a suspiciously low price – but at least knew their destination.

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