North Korea and Iran to nuke each other


Tired of waiting for President Trump to rise to the bait, the UN’s favorite rogue nations have decided to go head to head by sending insulting messages to the other.  The first message, sent to Kim Jong-un from, said he looks like a Tellytubby with lego hair, and anyway Kim is a girl’s name.

At the same time, the Ayatollah in Iran received an email from, containing some satirical sketches of the Prophet Mohammed supposedly drawn by Kim Jong-un while he was bored during a public hanging.

President Trump is said to be strongly in favour of this new development, despite officials warning that a nuclear war anywhere would have devastating consequences for the entire planet, saying it would boost interest in some condominiums he’s planning to build on Mars, just as soon as he can find subcontractors willing to work in impossible conditions millions of miles from home despite the certain knowledge they’ll never get paid.


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Posted: Sep 25th, 2017 by

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