Len Goodman revivalists take to the streets


Despite having been dead for 10 years, fans of Len Goodman are violently insisting he make a return to ‘Strictly’.  One rioter shouted:  ‘Let’s face it, Len’s a bit of a reactionary dithering duffer.  He’s old school.  He doesn’t like anything modern or any kind of change.  He hates foreign food and loves jellied eels, pie mash and liquor.  He’s earned a place in our hearts as the nation’s curmudgeonly grumpy grandad and the show is just not the same with him gone.  Let’s get him back!’

BBC has refused to confirm or deny reports but Goodman released the following statement through his agent and a ouija board .  ‘Cor blimey, squire.  Lovely jubbly, ain’t it, eh?  Boiled beef and carrots, up the apples and pears at the end of the frog and toad.  Me, come back?  I”d be chuffed right down to the soles of me daisy roots!’


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