Indiana Jones 5: The Search for… what was it again?

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Paramount today gave the green light to the fifth film in the Indiana Jones series which sees the hero, played once again by Harrison Ford, battling against his most implacable adversary yet.

The climactic scene sees Dr Jones uncovering the hidden chamber at the heart of the secret temple, undisturbed for thousands of years, only to find he can’t remember what he went in there for.

He finds this especially galling since in his quest for the chamber he was forced to stray far from the nearest toilet facilities. ‘I seem to be going so much these days, and often without much notice, if you know what I mean.’ He is also annoyed that the dark, spooky passageway leading to the hidden chamber didn’t have proper handrails. “And the floor was very uneven, I almost tripped a couple of times.’

‘I went to complain to the Visitor Experience Manager of the secret temple, but of course it was some kid about 15 years old, glued to his phone, couldn’t hear me ’cause he had earphones in. Said I should ‘tweet him’ if I had any complaints, whatever the hell that means.’

‘Oh I remember, I went in there for the golden idol. Now if I can just find my way back…’


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