Trigger warnings should have trigger warnings, say millenials

The Snowflake Foundation today issued a call for trigger warnings to warn people there are going to be trigger warnings which might trigger them.

‘I was reading one of my favourite lifestyle blogs,’ said Paige Milquetoast of the University of California at Berkeley, ‘When suddenly, out of nowhere, there was this trigger warning about some content that was coming later. And it took me right back to this time when I was triggered before, when something reminded me of that time the nail bar was out of my favourite colour of polish.’

‘I know, right?’ agreed her friend Destiny Pantywaist. ‘There should be a warning, right? So you don’t just run into these things without expecting it, right?’

Unfortunately, immediately after its initial press release the Snowflake Foundation issued a second, accusing itself of insensitivity for not calling for trigger warnings for trigger warnings about trigger warnings.

‘We find our earlier statement highly offensive. What’s more, we have been guilty of inappropriately touching ourselves in the workplace, and intend to seek counselling to help overcome these behaviours. Or just get a lock for the restroom that works.’

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