North Korea regretting alliance with Ryanair

Ryanair owner and CEO Michael P'leary during day three of the Punchestown Festival at Punchestown, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

Despite the success of its strategic alliances with other outcast entities, such as Iran and the DUP, pariah state North Korea has decided that lining up with Ryanair was a mistake. ‘We were impressed with Ryanair’s utter contempt for passengers and employees,’ said a North Korean spokesman, ‘but O’Leary is a bit hardcore for our glorious leader’s taste, to be honest.’

Ryanair had been contracted to assist with the deployment of missile systems. Now Pyongyang is complaining that the launch sites are miles from where the missiles are stored, the one ringfenced for Washington DC is aimed at a small town in Maryland and they are charging extra for the warheads, insisting that they are essentially ‘carry-ons’

Michael O’Leary has admitted the scheduled annihilation of the Western World had been postponed, due to cancelling up to seventy missiles a day until Christmas. ‘Apparently even North Koreans expect to be given holidays, the idle feckers,’ he said.

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