Raymond Briggs apologises for ‘Snowman’ remake


This year’s Christmas Day viewing, looks set to take a somewhat sinister twist, as Raymond Briggs brings his unique blend of yuletide charm and serial killing to our TV screens. Critics, on the whole, have reacted negatively to the inexplicable plot, the absence of a flying scene and a macabre Santa Claus party, full of dismembered women.

The remake sees Michael Fassbender play a bemused boy, who discovers that his Xmas pal has embarked on a grisly killing spree. Wrapping a pink scarf around an ominous-looking snowman, the boy brings the snowman to life; only for this frozen psychopath to start butchering reindeer.

Brigg’s obsession with Scandinavian crime-drama has seen him create a nightmarish vision of Christmas, juxtaposed to the angelic voice of Aled Jones, singing AC/DC’s ‘Hells Bells’. Similarly, the film’s PG rating seems optimistic, particularly given the sight of so much blood and Val Kilmer’s withered snowballs.

Hard-drinking Fassbender, aged 9, finally defeats his icy nemesis by shooting him in the face and using the remains in a glass of whisky. However, those children of a nervous disposition, may a prefer a more family-friendly movie – like Jo Nesbø’s ‘Fungus the Headhunter’, a loveable character, who’s job it is to scare people before butchering their families.

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