May cries ‘Prank’, claiming Brexit a massive practical joke


There was confusion and bewilderment in Westminster as Prime Minister Teresa May stood in the house of Commons and shouted ‘Prank’, claiming that the whole Brexit process had been a huge practical joke. ‘You didn’t really believe it did you?’ asked the PM to an incredulous house, ‘the whole £350-million-a-week thing? The “Had enough of experts” bit? Really?’

‘It was David Cameron’s idea but everyone was in on it,’ Mrs May continued, ‘Jean-Claude was too, obviously, and of course Boris!  He was so over-the-top and unbelievable I was sure everyone would guess what was going on. I can’t believe anyone bought that!’

Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, criticised Mrs May for playing a practical joke on Parliament and the country and claimed it was his turn to count to ten. ‘I’m going to be the next Prime Minister,’ he shouted across the House at Mrs May, before being reminded that it was protocol to shout ‘prank’ afterwards.


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