Men rejoice as women abandon Twitter


Male Twitter users have rejoiced on hearing that women have abandoned the social media platform in droves, in protest against actress Rose McGowan being banned from it.

‘You used to have to be so careful,’ tweeted @XBox_Demon, real name Mike Cheeseboard, a telecoms engineer from Norwich. ‘It’s not like Facebook, where you know you’re just talking to people who agree with you. You tweet something, you never know who’s going to see it and give you an earful.’

Cheeseboard went on to say he looked forward to being able to tweet what he really felt about gender issues and news stories, rather than carefully-worded boilerplate that made him sound good without really saying anything.

‘Of course, male feminists might still kick off, but who cares? I’m not hoping to sleep with them.’

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Posted: Oct 18th, 2017 by

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