May’s open letter to EU citizens ‘Remaining in UK is possibly guaranteed’


Theresa May has written an open letter to EU citizens who are currently resident in the UK, wherein she attempts to allay their fears about them being allowed to remain in Britain post Brexit.

The letter opens with a cordial ‘What-ho, Johnny Foreigners‘ before it goes on to set out what they can expect in the coming eighteen months.

The PM assures recipients that just as soon as she knows what the hell is likely to happen then they will be the first to know how Brexit will affect them…definitely…well, likely as not…or at least quite possibly anyway.

She sympathises with their worries, realising they feel uneasy and concerned about their future here, stating that right now she ‘knows exactly how they feel’, but insists that things will become a lot clearer as soon as the UK abandons its stupefying arrogance and accepts it has little or nothing to negotiate with. Or changes Government.  Or both.

The letter goes on to suggest that if, in the interim, EU citizens might wish buy a house or start a business in Britain, well then that’s probably going to be not too risky – unless it turns out, in the final analysis, to have been very risky indeed.

The last paragraph sums up: ‘But taking everything into account, either one way or another, then I’m sure that whatever happens, and with a bit of luck and a following wind, then things might just end up being hunky-dory for you and your family. Or worst case scenario? Well then you might have to go back to your country of birth. But would that really be quite so terrible? Indeed, I may be joining you.’



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