Scottish parents urged: ‘bank up’ child beatings before smacking banned by law

child smacked

Scottish parents have been urged to ‘bank up’ and carry out child beatings their children might deserve in future, as the smacking ban looms. It means that starting next week, millions of children north of the border can expect sustained battering by parents for their likely bad behaviour in years to come, however some are not expected to notice the change.
A spokesman for the Free Church of Scotland, which opposes the smacking ban, explained: ‘This is very similar to the principle used by the gas and electricity companies when they have not received a meter reading. They charge you for the estimated energy in that period, based on what they know about your previous consumption.’
The church has recommended parents estimate how many beatings bad children might be expected to receive in the future and carry them out as soon as possible before the ban becomes law. The free Church stated today that ‘these beatings will be acceptable in the eyes of the Lord, as well as the Procurator Fiscal and the Scottish Daily Mail.’

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