Sexual harassment allegations rock the island of Sodor


First it was Trump, then Weinstein, and now Thomas.

The anthropomorphised locomotive and his friends’ steamy antics have been getting them into some very hot water recently.

There had been rumours about Thomas and some of his carriages before, but now it seems that his unwanted attempts at coupling have become too much to bear.

“First of all he used to leer at us all the time” said the carriages Annie and Clarabel. “We just thought it was his poorly animated modelling clay face and thought nothing of it. We used to follow him everywhere but then the inappropriate tooting started.”

Another Sodor resident, Emily, has accused Thomas and also Edward and Gordon, together known as the Steam Team, of giving her unwanted attention. “I’m a Stirling Single engine,” she told our reporter, “but those three have made some very poor jokes about the fact that I’m single and what they could do to help me out.”

Rebecca, the large yellow tender engine claims that before Thomas had her on the rails, she wasn’t tender at all.

Nobody from the island was willing to speak to our reporter, but a spokesman for the Fat Controller said, “What is wrong with you? They are animated, fictional trains!”

Thomas, Gordon and Edward are believed to be staying with friends in the big shed round the back.

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