Tory MP demands to know names of everyone accusing him of McCarthyism


Conservative MP Chris Heaton-Harris has denied that he is conducting a McCarthyite witch-hunt and demanded to know the names and addresses of everyone who has said that he is.

The government whip became the focus of anger after writing letters to universities asking for the names of professors who were lecturing about Brexit.

“There’s nothing sinister about my request”, Heaton-Harris told BBC news.

“I’m being called a McCarthyite just because I wrote a letter demanding to know the names of every anti-Brexit, intellectual subversive currently poisoning the innocent minds of our nation’s young”.

“I simply want these traitors to appear before a special hearing that I intend to set up called ‘The Enemy of the People Committee’. If you are innocent there’s nothing to be afraid of, I just want to know what lecturers are teaching students and whether they like foreign food and to watch BBC4 dramas with subtitles on a Saturday night”

The letter has resulted in a furious response from many university lecturers including Professor Fenton Barnes of University College London who tweeted that Heaton-Harris was a ‘McCarthyite’, though he later told the BBC that he had used the term purely as rhyming slang.

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