Health fears grow for music stars named after games and pastimes


Elderly, octogenarian rock stars with nicknames that conjure up popular pastimes, board games and pub sports have been advised to be vigilant today, following the death of Fats Domino.

Lanky Ludo, Skinny Snakes ‘n’ Ladders, Huge Hungry Hippo, and Chunky Kerplunky have all stoically reflected ‘ain’t that a shame’ at the passing of Fats, which has provided them with a stark reminder of their own mortality. Fate decrees that they are Up Against Time, and will likely die one by one, possibly as each learns of a predecessor’s death.

Sources close to Chubby Checker (born 1941) say he has been warned by medical advisers not to play Twister again (like he did last summer) for fear of abdominal complications.

Meanwhile Domino’s Pizza has created a Fats Domino stuffed crust, baked with extra trans fats and with black rather than green olives as a sign of respect. For dessert, Domino’s have come up with Blueberry Hill ice cream, in a special ‘hill’ size, as a treat for fat, Fats Domino, Domino’s fans.

Domino’s – who will oversee Fats’s Funeral – have also promised if he is not delivered to his maker in 30 minutes the congregation will all get free Garlic bread

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