Daily Archives: November 6, 2017


Queen tells country to do one

The Queen has hit back after being dragged into the financial scandal of having £10 million of her wealth held in offshore havens. Her Majesty told the gathered press at Buckingham Palace that one does what one fucking well wants with one’s cash and furthermore tax was invented in the first place to pay for royal expenses. [read...]


Turkeys face deep divisions over Thanksgiving vote

A group of about 200,000 White Holland turkeys in a gigantic shed at a farm in Ohio is now debating whether or not to vote in favour of Thanksgiving. The vote to be made next week by pecking once at a pile of grain for ‘Thanksgiving’ or twice for ‘Something Else’ comes after bitter arguments in which claims and counter-claims were made about the availability of dust for bathing in over the turkeys’ long-term (i.e. [read...]

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