Mrs Brown’s Boys in ‘laughter avoidance’ scheme


Three of the cast of Mrs Brown’s Boys have been found to have deliberately avoided humour for years, relying on bogus laughter-returns and a fake bank account under the name ‘K. Dodd’. Financial analysts estimate that more than two million wry chuckles diverted from the BBC to a Mauritius-based sitcom, about a cross-dressing parakeet.

The scheme reportedly involves sending any vestiges of entertainment offshore, only to loan it back, in the form 1970s banter and repeatedly saying ‘feck’. Similar comedy avoidance schemes have ensnared Jimmy Carr, by getting him to appear on Countdown. For many others, the line between comedy evasion and comedy avoidance is often blurred, or simply James Corden.

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Posted: Nov 7th, 2017 by

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