Snapchat outage causes world to stop turning


The entire teenage planet came to a complete standstill yesterday as the Snapchat ‘app’ stopped working for a couple of hours. Millions of young people around the globe were rendered totally helpless as their phones inexplicably refused to send or display stupid pictures of each other.

One distraught 16-year old explained that she had blankly stared at a blank screen for ‘literally ever’, unable to see her bestie with a horribly distorted face and doggy ears, even though they had left school together only ten minutes earlier. Another was cast into the depths of depression about their ‘streak’, a sequence of exchanging Snapchats with the same person every day, coming to an end after nearly a year. Yesterday also saw a record number of parents being told that ‘Facebook is not the same, that’s like a crappy Snapchat for old people.’

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Posted: Nov 7th, 2017 by

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