Internet divided after Twitter increases tweets to 280 characters


Twitter has doubled the number of characters its subscribers can use in their tweets from 140 to 280, sparking both consternation and jubilation across the world. Vehement opponent of the micro-blogging website, Dave Payne’s wife from Carshalton, said: ‘This means I’m not going to see him at all now. It’s been bad enough with a 140 character limit now he’s going to be on that flaming Interweb phone thing of his all day.’

However celebrity golfer, Twitter addict and part-time President of the USA @realDonaldTrump defended Twitter’s new policy used his first 280 character tweet to say: ‘This is neat, so neat! Now I can brag to the world just how great and amazing I am and the cool thing is that I have double the space to do it in. I am currently in China on tour, and it’s a great tour, the best. People are coming out in huge numbers to worship me and tell me I a’


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