Honey Monster sues John Lewis for theft of image rights


Honey Monster, iconic star of the Sugar Puffs breakfast cereal adverts, is to bring an action against John Lewis for IP theft and plagiarism. He claims that Moz the Monster, the big, bungling and warm-hearted star of the new store’s 2017 Christmas ad campaign, is essentially a grey-furred version of him

However showbiz insiders are saying that Honey Monster’s action might just be being brought more out of desperation after years of struggle with alcohol. His estranged wife Laa-Laa the Tellytubby has told harrowing tales of all-night sex parties and substance abuse leading up to their divorce in 2012.

John Lewis has not commented but Guy Garvey has said he regrets having Elbow do the music for the new ad in view of all the disharmony. He said: ‘It’s all left a rather bad taste in my mouth. A bit like Sugar Puffs, come to think of it.’


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