Brexit vote meant whatever’s in secret papers, says Brexiter


Nigel Walker, a waste of oxygen from Walsall who voted Leave last year, has denounced as ‘patronising’ the idea that Brexit voters did not know what leaving the EU meant, as ‘it obviously meant that secret stuff in those secret studies, which no-one’s allowed to know’.

Walker added: ‘I don’t want to see these secret papers that might be being kept secret because they contain secrets – they can’t possibly tell us anything we don’t already know, else we wouldn’t have been able to say we knew that already. And yes I do mind other people seeing them. Are you trying to sabotage the very Brexit we voted for?’

Asked how this doesn’t constitute double-think, Daniel replied: ‘Double-think requires having thought about it in the first place, snowflake libtard cuck.’


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Posted: Nov 12th, 2017 by

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